Travis Munroe
Realtor & Property Manager
CENTURY 21 Elevate Real Estate


My current success has come from people just like you who have enlisted their trust in me to deliver on your dreams, your needs, your finances and your life.

I became a full-time Realtor® in May of 2008 at the age of 19. Starting in this industry at such a young age had its challenges. I had to decide between building my own brand or working under another established Realtor®. As a 19-year-old with big dreams I chose to start building my own brand. This decision forced me to work harder than I ever imagined and I became accustomed to the long hours required to offer the best in service to my clients. It brings a smile to my face when a client jokes about how I must never sleep. Not only is real estate my career but it is also my passion.

Prior to joining RE/MAX Real Estate Central, I worked at Discover Real Estate ltd, a brokerage with over 350 Realtor’s®. It took a couple of years to truly understand the industry and how I would build my own personal brand. The dedication paid off as in 2011 & 2012 I was awarded the “Top Ten Sales” award.

In May of 2013 I wanted more brand recognition and new goals to strive for. I joined RE/MAX Real Estate Central, a brokerage which has consistently been one of the top offices in the world for over a decade.

In 2013 I was awarded a spot in the RE/MAX “100% Club”.

Entering 2014 I was even more dedicated to take my business to the next level and increase my satisfied client base. After receiving monthly recognition for being top 10 in sales, I eventually received a spot in the RE/MAX “Platinum Club” which I carried over the next several years.

2017 will be a year I will never forget as just 2 months in I became a member of the RE/MAX "Hall Of Fame".

It was 2019 where I expanded the services I could offer to my clients and received a license to trade in property management.  Having heard landlord concerns around property management companies for the better part of 10 years, I felt there must be a way I could help.  RE/MAX Central would not allow for property management and so my search for a new brokerage began.  Not only did Century 21 Elevate allow for me to practice property management but they welcomed my ideas on improving the property management industry.  Since that day, the brokerage has seen a number of experienced property managers join the brokerage to practice under the same model I created!

After 13+ years in the industry, I look back and reflect on how little this has felt like a job. I truly enjoy getting up each day, going to work and meeting people in different phases of their lives.  I look forward to putting my experience and exceptional service to work for you.


At CENTURY 21®, we provide you with the most current information to assist you in making an educated decision when buying and selling real estate. For over 40 years we've set the gold standard in real estate.

With a global reach and local focus, we have a unique Canadian history supporting entrepreneurship, marketing, technology innovation, and homeowner education. We've been living and breathing real estate since 1976 when we first opened our doors in Richmond, BC, as "a family-run business of family-run businesses". Since then we've grown into one of the world's largest real estate companies.

We pride ourselves on being truly Canadian, with 400 offices, over 10,000 network members in 272 cities, our C21 family reaches from coast to coast.

Our Vision: To be the most sought after real estate brand in the world.

Our Mission: To define and deliver the gold standard in Canadian real estate.

We invest in making each client's dream, a reality. We're passionate about home ownership - we love what we do.

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I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your home ownership goals. Reach out to get in touch and start the process today. I offer:

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